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Friday, 20 April 2012

Urgent Need of the Workshop (working) Supervisor (Cape Town Branch)

A vacancy exists for a Working Supervisor at the new Cape Town branch, to be responsible for all Commercial, Passau and Ecomat products.
The prospective applicant must have:

ü N3 Technical Diploma or higher (suitable candidates with Matric may be considered)

ü Petrol or Diesel Trade qualification

ü 7yrs trade and 2 yrs supervisory experience 

ü Good customer liaison skills

ü Computer literate   

ü Ability to work unsupervised                 

Candidates with a sound knowledge of company products, internal systems / procedures and a proven track record in similar position will have a definite advantage.

Contact: Mr. Nhlanhla Sibiya

Tel: 011 974 9308

Cell: 076 300 8918

Urgent Need of the : Field Service Technician at the Cape Town Branch: Automotive Company

A vacancy exists for a Field Service Technician at the Cape Town Branch, to be responsible for all Commercial, Passau and Ecomat products.

The prospective applicant must have:

ü Matric Certificate

ü Petrol or Diesel Trade qualification

ü PC based gearbox diagnostics & troubleshooting experience

ü Good customer liaison skills

ü A valid driver’s license

ü Ability to work unsupervised

Candidates with relevant experience of more than one of the products mentioned above will have a definite advantage.

Contact: Mr. Nhlanhla Sibiya

Tel: 011 974 9308

Cell: 076 300 8918

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A vacancy exists for a Gearbox Assessor in the Commercial Vehicles Division.

A vacancy exists for a Gearbox Assessor in the Commercial Vehicles Division.

Prospective applicants must have:

-Trade qualification as a Diesel Mechanic
 -5 Years commercial vehicle experience.
 -Gearbox rebuilding experience.
 -Computer literate – Competent in MS office.
 -Navision experience ( a definite advantage).
 -Electronic diagnostics experience ( a definite advantage).
 -Must have report writing skills
 -Must be fully bilingual.
 -Meticulous by nature.
-Ability to work unsupervised.
 -Ability to deal with customers.
 -Ability to establish priorities and work in a methodical fashion.

The basic salary for the position will be R20.000.00 – R25,000.00 depending on experience a and qualifications. All other benefits associated with a good employer will be applicable.

Contact: Mr. Nhlanhla Sibiya
 Cell: 076 300 8918
Tel: 011 974 9308

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Youth unemployment, whose responsibility is it? My journey as a youth of South Africa. Mr. Nhlanhla Sibiya: Managing Director: Cometsa Development Enterprises

My journey as a youth of South Africa

I recall the day I took a decision to repeat grade 12 at Buhlebomzinyathi High School, in Newcastle , Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, in 2003 after I have just barely made it in 2002 with a senior certificate and a lot of symbols D’s and E’s. A grade 12 senior certificate would not get me to Wits University, I pondered to myself.  In January 2003 I was back at the desk voluntarily repeating grade 12 with my two best friends, the late Sifiso Zulu and Golden Mlungisi Khumalo who is currently a process engineer at Kraft Foods SA.
I hate physical intense work for a low payment. That is exactly what made me cling onto my books, hoping that I will get a better paying job once I’m educated. In 2003 I finished my Grade 12 with merit.  This was a great achievement. It brought light, where there was darkness. I moved from E’s to 5 C’s all in higher grade, and this meant that I qualified to study most courses at the university.

Raised by a single mother, like most young black South Africans, the next challenge was how and where do I get finance to enrol at a University? My mother Thandi Sibiya was self-employed (Hawker). Even today she is still self-employed for more than 15 years only making an income of +-R 1500 a month.

To be "Ambitious “gets me through thick and thin, every day I need ambitions. I get reminded of the following song lyrics by Wale, titled Ambition; "Easy to dream a dream, but much harder to live it, Look, they going to love me for my ambition. Ambition is priceless that’s something that’s in your veins. I put that on my name and I doubt that ever change. My ambition to win, just to get me some ends. Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a Benz. I saw momma praying as she wait on results. It was hot in the kitchen can I wait on the porch. My father was missing, Life was digging ‘me deeper, I kept on coming up short."
The only weapon I had was my Grade 12 symbols of five C’s and a loan letter from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. That is what got me to Senate House at Wits University in 2004 to enrol for the first year Chemical Engineering Degree. I really never mention that I studied Chemical Engineering for a year to people because of the bad memories of my first year at the university.  I buried it under the sea. Yet it propelled me to be who I’m today. I then enrolled for a BA degree which was another roller coaster however I graduate with a BA Honours Dramatic Arts (2009), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management (2010). I am currently enrolled for the South African German Training Services (SAGTS) learning programme called Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (C.A.T.S ) studying Business Administration (2012-2013) under the sponsorship from my employer, Cometsa Group.
I currently hold a Managing Director position for Cometsa Development Enterprises, a division of Cometsa Group. My career growth and corporate experience has really come on a silver platter, under the intensive mentorship of Mr. Sam Tsima (President & Chairman: Cometsa Group - ). Mr. Tsima is my role model for many reasons but mostly for his passion for youth development. For 15 years he has invested his personal resources in the development of young people in different provinces of South Africa. His approach is that of holistic development of human capital. He was recently interviewed by Xolani Gwala on Safm (Forum@Eight) on two topics, “the role of Business in healing the wounded society that South Africa reportedly is. Do we have a business that is patriotic and helping enough? How can business be used as a catalyst to heal the society?” and “How Germany addressed the issue of skills development, basing it on the famous Dual-System (schooling combined with practical learning on the job as applied in South Africa by SA German Training Services (SAGTS)

Youth Unemployment, whose responsibility is it?
South Africa is part of the global world and it has entered the stage of Knowledge and Creative Economy. The country needs to capacitate its citizens to stay competitive on the global scale. SA  is ranked 134 out 184 countries on the Human Development Index (HDI) with the HDI of 0.654 which is poor considering that South Africa has nominal GDP estimated at 3 trillion for year 2011;  50m population and 23.9 percent national unemployment. The group that gets the short hand of the stick is the youth of South Africa with 51 percent of unemployment.  Amongst that, 63 percent are unemployed young women.
The profile of young people who are unemployed is very complex to simply categorize it as young and unemployed. There are many factors that contribute to youth unemployment during the socialization stages of young people in South Africa, such as poverty in rural areas, lack of education resources in schools, finance and other social challenges.
There are young people who never attended school, drop outs from schools, those who have only Grade 12 certificates, drop outs from FET colleges and comprehensive universities, and those who managed to obtain a qualification (certificates, diplomas and degrees). None of these young people are guaranteed employment, whether they have qualifications or not. What is important to note here is that the work place and learning institutions cannot absorb all these young people. Hence, South Africa is sitting with the dilemma of 51% unemployed youth and poor ranking on the HDI. The HDI indicates that South Africa does not spend capital where it matters. With the GDP of 3 trillion Rand this country could do much better on education, health and income of its citizens.
The youth unemployment problem is a ticking bomb in our society. Whose responsibility is it? There are many role players that need to share responsibility to address this problem. There should not be a tug of war on whose responsibility it is to rescue young South Africans from the chains of unemployment and poverty.
There are four main bodies that should take this problem on their shoulders, i.e. youth of SA, the Government, Learning Institutions and Businesses.
The youth of South Africa must take it upon themselves to embrace the culture and the attributes of entrepreneurship to move them from the ground of poverty and create employment for themselves and others “Nothing will ever fall from the sky. Hard work, passion and tenacity pays off by Nhlanhla Sibiya”
Entrepreneurship must be taught at primary and high schools as part of curriculum to create an entrepreneurial society. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur.  However the makeup of an entrepreneur is exceptionally thriving, extraordinary,  evoking new thinking and a willingness to risk for greater returns. They say “it’s all in the mind” indeed we create our own realities by our daily decisions and actions we take. 
SA is not doing well on entrepreneurship activity given the high GDP it has compared to other emerging economies globally. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report South Africa 2010,  SA is ranked 27 out of 59 countries with a total Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA)  rate of 8.9 lower than that of other emerging economies such as Brazil with a TEA rate of 17.5 and compared to other Sub-Saharan economies such as  Angola (TEA rate 32.4)  and Zambia (TEA rate 32.6) . 
South Africa needs to take advantage of the contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in providing employment and sustainable development for young people. SA has a prolific SMEs sector that contributes about 30-40 percent of the GDP. This indicates that SMEs has more potential to create more jobs and heavy injection on the GDP. Entrepreneurship will continuously play a bigger role in the reduction of unemployment, improvement of GDP and contribution to improved HDI.
Government alone cannot and will not reduce youth unemployment.  It is, with its policies and resources, merely a champion to mobilise businesses, social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and learning institutions to work together in reducing youth unemployment. Yes, it must support young people by creating entrepreneurial environment, providing necessary entrepreneurial resources and create jobs for young people.
 The South African Government has outlined its strategy, namely, Human Resource Development Strategy for South Africa (HRD SA) 2010 – 2030. This strategy outlines 10 goals that the country is intending to achieve within the period of 2010 -2030.  Poverty and unemployment is at the forefront of this strategy. SA is in need of apprentices and qualified artisans. The National Skills Accord looks to address this skills shortfall. Young South Africans must be mobilized to enrol for skills development programmes.
Business community is also charged with responsibility in collaboration with Learning Institutions to reduce youth unemployment. The supply and demand of graduates should coincide. How can learning institutions produce graduates that are not employable? It’s simply because there is no consultation between the two worlds. There is a need to work on an integrated system that bridge the gap between high schools, institutions of higher learning, and the corporate world.

"If experience is the ticket to better opportunities, where is the room for beginners? Given a chance, young South Africans can gain necessary experience. Gaining more experience means that they can be experts, and experts teach others. Through teaching others, experts become leaders and leaders become an inspiration of the rainbow nation", Nhlanhla Sibiya

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

COMETSA Group in brief

Cometsa Group is a company that specializes in human capital training & development, leadership & management consultancy, mentoring & coaching, and related services.

Innovative Solutions, Superior Quality Products, and Professional Service Delivery

·         Winning with our customers and all other stakeholders
·         Holistic Human Capital Development & Retention
·         Technical & Administrative Competence
·         Individual & Organizational Accountability
·         Ethical & Inclusive Management Practices
·         Progressive & Transformational Leadership

HERITAGE to HERITAGE: We take care of our heritage from generations to generations.

The Mind, The Journey, The Destiny (We apply our MINDS to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY)

  The Mind:  plugged & active mind, sharing mind, futuristic mind, and inquiring mind.
  The Journey:  aggressive promotion & selling of our ideas, give as we learn & earn, retain & invest our learning/earnings, and search for new opportunities
  The Destiny: productivity & profitability, social responsibility & staff caring, growth & sustainability, and renewal & survival

Promotion of diversity: 
·         We are made of different cultures, backgrounds, ethnic groups, religions, gender, and beliefs. We value our diversity.

Creation of harmony:
·         We create the environment that is harmonious to our members, staff, management, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Inter-cultural understanding: 
·         Our culture and traditional beliefs and practices form the corner stone’s of our beings.

Entrenchment of professionalism: 
·         Everything we do, we do with absolute professionalism. We do not believe in mediocrity.

Encouragement of creativity: 
·         In order to ensure that our organization and its staff continue to grow, we encourage creativity at all times.

Commitment to efficiency:
·         We do not perform tasks just to meet the deadlines, but to be economical in doing so.

Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept: Our Foundation
R = Recreation. At Cometsa we believe in the slogan “Body, Mind and Soul”. That means that a healthy mind in a healthy body will results in a healthy soul.

E = Entertainment (incl. Music).  We develop talent in modern, traditional, and global entertainment and music.

L = Leisure. Our country, South Africa, has got the best weather in the world. As a result the leisure industry holds great future for the country.

E = Education. Education is the central part of our programmes. We have realized that the level of literacy in our country is not sufficient to improve our competitiveness level in the world. It cannot be ignored.

A = Arts (inc. Culture). Africans are naturally gifted in art. We would like to make sure that this gift is enhanced and preserved. We also believe in exchanging our cultural heritage with the rest of the world.

S = Sport. Cometsa was founded through sport, soccer to be specific, and grew into areas of the RELEASE concept. Sport will remain key mobilization instrument for our organization.

E = Environment (incl. Community). We teach and motivate our staff, members and clients to take care of their environment and use renewable and environmentally friendly sources of energy.

Cometsa Group Business Units
Cometsa Development Enterprises;
Cometsa Shared Services;
Cometsa Human Capital Enterprises (Human Capital Investments; Talent Mobility Consultants; Recruitment Consultants; Leadership & Management Consultants)
Cometsa Mafrika Creative & Music Enterprises;

Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club
Type: a non-profit making organisation (NPO) serving the interests of the members and friends of Cometsa development organizations.

Vision: to provide development and social life opportunities for all the friends and supporters of Cometsa organizations

Mission: by organizing networking functions, events, special offers and development programmes for the members.

Individual Membership Benefits:

  • Cometsa Discounted Services:  Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency negotiates special rates with service and product suppliers for the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club.

  • Cometsa Life Counselling: Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency in partnership with Cometsa Capacity Development Agency offers life counselling programmes and services to the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club at preferential rates.

  • Cometsa Life Coaching: Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency in partnership with Cometsa Capacity Development Agency offers life coaching programmes and services to the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club at preferential rates.

  • Cometsa Sport Mentoring: Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency in partnership with Cometsa Sports Development Agency offers sport mentoring programmes to the children of the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club at preferential rates.

  • Cometsa Sport Careers Programmes: Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency in partnership with Cometsa Sports Development Agency runs campaigns and programmes to promote professionalism in sports. We promote sport careers and would like to encourage the youth to enter the sports industry with relevant sport qualifications.

  • Cometsa Career Guidance: Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency in partnership with Cometsa Capacity Development Agency offers career guidance programmes to the members of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club.

Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • Access to youth talent pool: the corporate members of Cometsa are guaranteed to have access to the well groomed youth that forms part of the future talent pool.

  • Development projects identification: Cometsa programmes and projects are spread all over the country, especially in the rural areas. Some of these areas are not easily accessible for most companies and organizations, and yet are designated the priority areas for economic development by the Government. This means that they are the future growth markets. Cometsa is well positioned to take its corporate members to these regions and contribute jointly to their development.

  • Creation of employment brand: Cometsa corporate members have the opportunity to partner with Cometsa and achieve the pre-emptive advantage in the communities of Cometsa. When the youth and Cometsa identify of the company, they will want to work for this company when they become ready to join the world of work.

  • Corporate brand positioning: the company is also able to use its association with Cometsa in promoting its brand and that way makes it easy for its sales teams to sell the products and services in the Cometsa communities. The members of Cometsa are already a captive market for the corporate members. Thy data base becomes freely available to the fully paid up corporate members of Cometsa.

  • Realization of Corporate Social Investment objectives: this is one of the elements of the score card in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. By contributing in the form of a corporate membership and supporting community development projects of Cometsa the company is able to add its contribution to the scores. The corporate members who do not have the capacity to run their own CSI projects are welcome to finance some of the projects of Cometsa and count this as their CSI projects.

  • Creation of globally oriented culture: the members of Cometsa are very much globally oriented. Cometsa runs a number of international culture and language programmes. The Cometsa Global Languages Institute is a division of Cometsa Capacity Development Agency with the main objective to promote global languages and culture, including South African languages and cultures. Cometsa corporate members benefit by inviting Cometsa members to its programmes and interact with the employees their employees. This contributes toward creating a culture that is receptive to other people’s cultures.  The concept of global diversity and inclusion becomes a practical reality.

  • Access to international development programmes: Cometsa helps its corporate members in accessing international development programmes. Cometsa has partnerships with global organizations, especially with the German and Italian origin. These programmes are run both in South Africa and abroad. The programmes range from culture, music, art and culture to business and sport.

  • Leadership development for future needs: Cometsa concerns itself with the future of the individuals, organizations, communities, the country and the nations of the world. Our vision: The Mind - The Journey - The Destiny says it all. We apply our minds to the journey that takes us to our destiny. We are also concerned about leaving a lasting legacy for the generations to come. By joining Cometsa the company is making its own contribution to the future of the world. Cometsa is proud to be a facilitator of this worthy course.

  • Cultural awareness: The nation that is not aware of its diverse cultures suffers many unnecessary tensions among its citizens. Unfortunately this has become a matter that must also be dealt with at the work place. Recruiting staff from the Cometsa members brings benefits to the corporate members of Cometsa since our members are already culturally aware and respect their and other people’s cultures.

  • Cometsa Global Languages Institute will partner with other multinational institutes in the teaching and learning of global and local languages. We are proud of this tradition. We would like to share this experience and tradition with our corporate members, and even offer some of our programmes to our corporate members. Our partner institutes are more than willing to design tailor made programmes for our corporate members.

  • Positive legacy: Cometsa believes that we all owe it to our future generations and therefore should invest our resources in projects that will help in sustaining our country. Not all companies will be able to address this on their own. Over the past ten years, since 1st August 1997, Cometsa has developed an insight into the areas that are vulnerable due to the actions of mankind, especially environmental issues like renewable energies and can help our corporate members in conceptualizing programmes to address these areas. This will ensure that our corporate members leave positive legacy for the future generations.

  • Openness to continuous learning: our corporate members support believe and commitment to the continuous learning. Our organization is a learning organization and rubs positively on our corporate members. 

  • Capacity building: Cometsa Capacity Development Agency is our unit responsible for developing capacity among our individuals (members), communities, organizations and the country. It has a number of institutes that are addressing the various elements of Cometsa “RELEASE” Concept:

R = Recreation.
E = Entertainment (incl. Music).
L = Leisure.
E = Education.
A = Arts (inc. Culture).
S = Sport.
E = Environment (incl. Community).

  • Service excellence: Cometsa is thinking ahead in terms of the future needs. As our country becomes a key player in the world and deals directly with the challenges of globalisation, we must make available services to our corporate members. Cometsa Development Agencies Central Administration is planning to run internal and external shared services to help the corporate members who do not want to worry about administrative work of the development work. This is the benefit that will certainly justify the yearly corporate membership payable to Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club.

  • Ability to adapt to new environments: we help our corporate members in adapting to new environments that we expose them to. Through Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency and Cometsa Sports Development Agency we bring fun to this complex issue. Should our corporate members want to run art, culture, music and sport programmes, we are always ready to make the members of our Sports Development Academy, and Cometsa Mafrika Band available to facilitate the projects for them.

Sam Tsima
President & Chairman

Sam Tsima is the President & Chairperson: Cometsa Group, , Programme Manager: Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), University of Pretoria,; and Vice-President: Stakeholder Relations, Institute of People Management (IPM), South Africa, .

Before Sam went full time on Cometsa Group in July 2009, he was Regional Human Resources Director: Sub-Sahara Africa at Motorola SA (Pty) Ltd, reporting into the Middle East Africa Region in Dubai.

He is the former Manager: Centre of Expertise-Group Diversity Management at Sasol Group, responsible for Employment Equity, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Black Economic Empowerment (from HR perspective), Accelerated Leadership Development Programme (ALDP), and Sasol HIV/Aids Response Programme (SHARP).

Before joining Sasol, on the 1st December 2002, Sam was with ABSA Group for seven years (10/1995-11/2002) as the Group Consultant: Employment Equity.
He worked for Siemens AG (Cologne, Germany) as Corporate Trainee for two years, and Siemens Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa) as Commercial Administrator, and later Head of Commercial Training for three years.

Sam has a strong Commercial Administration background after training and working in Germany over four years (1988 – 1992). He did his training at Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft (Cologne), Kuehne & Nagel Luftfracht GmbH (Frankfurt International Airport), Lufthansa German Airlines Aircargo Centre (Frankfurt International Airport) and Siemens AG (Cologne) in Germany.

Sam is fluent in German Language and has the following German Language qualifications: Diplom Deutsch (Studiengemeintschaft Darmstadt) and Zertifikat Deutsch Stufe 5 (Carl Duisberg Centre Cologne)

He is also qualified in Industriekaufmann (IHK, Germany), Certificate in Commercial Administration (CATS – South Africa German Training Services), Bachelor of Commerce - Transport Economics & Business Management (UNISA), Certificate in Sport Management (Allenby), Certificate in Sport Psychology (Intec), and Level 1 Soccer Coaching Certificate (South African Football Association)

Professional Membership: Institute of People Management (IPM), Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE), Arterial Network, SA-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club, and Institute of Directors (IOD)

Board Membership: Institute of People Management (IPM); Central Johannesburg College (CJC), South Africa German Training Service - SAGTS (training arm of SA-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Southern African Society for Cooperative Education (SASCE)
Committees Membership: Chairperson Audit Committee Central Johannesburg College, Human Resources Advisory Committee Durban University of Technology, Annual Convention Organizing Committee Institute of People Management., and Europe Middle East Africa Advisory Committee Worldwide Employee Relocation Council


Sam Tsima, President & Chairman, Cometsa Group
Attention: Ms Tsumbedzo Luvhimbi, Managing Director: Sam Tsima Cometsa Brands (STC Brands)
COMETSA CLUB HOUSE, 13 Somer Street, Klopper Park, ISANDO, 1601, Gauteng Province, RSA
P.O. Box 31429, Braamfontein, 2017, RSA
Tel. +27 11 974 9308; Cell: 072 555 4799; email: or